Harrier Kinder 10L Race Vest Review

Harrier UK offer a range race vests for trail and fell runners. Here I take a look at the Kinder 10 litre vest.

photo of Kinder race vest

Kinder 10L race vest

I recently reviewed the smaller 5L Curbar vest (here) and the Kinder shares many of the same features. The front of the vest has the same design, boasting an array of pockets of various depths and sizes and is designed to carry two 500ml water bottles (optional extras). As with the Curbar the water bottles are quite a tight fit so it isn’t an easy job getting full bottles fully seated into the pockets. However once there they stay in place and the elasticated loops keep them secure and prevent longer straws from flapping about. The zipped chest pocket offers secure storage for a medium sized mobile phone, but it can be tricky to extricate it again once in place; you aren’t going to lose your phone, but if you want to whip it out to take a photo or answer a call it would be better in a different pocket. The lower stretch-mesh and side zip pockets allow plenty of storage options for snacks, hat, gloves and compass etc. All zipped pockets have a long tab which makes them easier to locate and unzip whilst wearing gloves. This feature along with the integrated whistle shows thoughtful attention to detail. Double elasticated chest straps with clip buckles can be arranged to several different positions to get the best fit for your body shape.

photo of front pockets on Kinder race vest

storage galore!

The Kinder vest is designed with fell and trail runners in mind and caters for ultra distance runners with some interesting pole storage options. The same bungees that are found on the Curbar mean that poles can be carried in 3 different positions. I found that the position with the least bounce was vertically on the front and this was also the easiest to arrange, without the need to reach awkwardly for the bungees. I don’t use poles myself and so the bungees were surplus to requirements so I removed them. You can carefully prise open the plastic so they can be re-attached if you don’t want to cut them.

photo of front of Kinder race vest

pole storage 1

photo of side of Kinder race vest

pole storage 2

photo of rear of Kinder race vest

pole storage 3

The main difference between the Kinder and Curbar vests is the rear storage and this is where the extra five litre capacity of the Kinder is found. The Kinder just has one large compartment with a horizontal zip at the top. Inside there is a storage compartment and securing clip for a drinks bladder if you prefer that to soft-flasks, and the hose can be routed out of the bottom or over either shoulder. There is also a small mesh pocket with a clip for securing your keys. The fabric of the rear compartment is water resistant and feels quite robust. Elasticated cord keeps everything tight and can also used as additional storage if you are happy to tuck your jacket under it and have it on the outside of the pack.

photo of rear storage on Kinder race vest

rear storage with bladder option

Again, sharing some of the well thought out features of the Curbar, the Kinder has elasticated race number toggles on the front bottom as well as lots of reflective tabs and logos so that you stand out in the light of a head torch or car headlights. The vest is available in four chest sizes ranging from 29 to 41 inches. This, along with the elasticated chest straps and slightly stretchy fabric results in a snug yet comfortable fit for a range of sizes. The Kinder is available in a choice of red or navy.

The 10 litre capacity makes it an ideal size for a winter run where you might want to carry a bit more equipment or a summer bag for a longer day in the hills.

photo of Kinder race vest on Kinder Scout

at home – navigation practice on Kinder Scout!

Harrier UK Kinder 10 litre Race Vest

RRP £59

Available from Harrier https://harrierrunfree.co.uk/products/kinder-10l-race-vest


Cost. Lightweight and comfortable. Plenty of storage options and attention to detail. A small, UK based company offering an alternative to the bigger brands.


Fiddly phone pocket. Hard to get full soft-flasks into their pockets.


Another fantastic value for money vest from the small Derbyshire based Harrier UK. The Kinder offers enough storage for a longer day out in the hills yet is small and light enough to use on shorter runs. It offers more features than some of the vests from the bigger brands and I would happily recommend it.

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