• running downhill
    running downhill

Are you running to your full potential?

As a UK Athletics Coach specialising in Fell and Mountain Running (CiRF) I can offer advice on different aspects of your training for fell and trail running.

Also, as a successful runner myself over all distances, I understand the types of training that bring about results.

I offer remote coaching - i.e. a personalised, structured training programme with regular progress reviews.
For example:

Option One £60 / month (inc free Xhale account)

Initial consultation via Skype or phone conversation (or email) to establish current training, fitness levels, time available for training, seasons goals etc.

I provide a personalised training programme using Xhale based on the above conversation. This will give details of daily training sessions and allows you to automatically upload your actual training and make comments.

Regular correspondence / support via the Xhale platform.

Unlimited Skype or phone call to review progress and make adaptations to the plan.

Example 1: A 12 week bespoke plan via Xhale with explanatory notes plus unlimited support - £180

Option Two £40 / month (inc free Xhale account)

I provide a personalised training programme as above but with one progress review after each 4 week block.

Example 2: A 12 week bespoke plan via Xhale with explanatory notes with monthly review - £120

Option Three £30 fixed

I provide a personalised training programme via Word or Excels and let you get on with it without the extra support / progress reviews etc.

Example 3: A 12 week bespoke plan with explanatory notes but without additional support - £30


Need a Training Plan for the Bob Graham Round?

I have written training plans for runners of all abilities and over a range of distances. Examples include:

Bob Graham Round - successful completion
1st Trail Marathon - successful completion
1st Trail Ultra Marathon - successful completion
London to Brighton race - 1st Lady!
Marathon de Sables - successful completion

I have also provided plans for a full fell running season from March to October targeting specific races.

Whatever your experience or ability I can provide a training plan for you


Alternatively you might want a 1 to 1 coached session.  For example:

You might want to focus on specific elements of your running or have questions about the type of training you should be doing.  I have coached runners working on their uphill running, speed work and downhill technique.  If you're confused by terms such as recovery run, tempo run, lactate threshold and VO2 Max, I can show you and explain the type of training relating to them.  What about hill reps - how long should they be or how many should you do?  Do you want to know what other exercises you can do to improve your technique, co-ordination and strength?

I can also video you running so that you can see for yourself what aspects of your technique you need to improve, and give you specific exercises and advice on how to do so.

Let me organise a training session based around your needs and advise you on how to improve these specific areas and get the most out of your training.

The cost for these sessions is £30 per hour (with discount for groups)

photo of downhill running

runners taking part in a downhill skills session

1 to 1 Online Coaching Advice Session

Are you unsure of how to train effectively? Do you fall into the trap of doing the same type of run every time you train with little variety in terms of pace or effort? Do you need advice on how often or how hard to train or what different type of runs you should do each week? I can explain how to structure your training for a particular race or season and help advise how to draw up a training plan.
Delivered via Google Meet at a time to suit you, contact me to arrange.
Cost £30 for a 1 hour session.

Club Coaching and Training Sessions.

Would your club benefit from a structured coaching or training session rather than simply "going for a run"?  I deliver regular training sessions for clubs and can design one to help you get a better understanding of what to incorporate in your club runs.  Contact me to discuss how I can help.

photo of running uphill

a group working on uphill technique

If you need something slightly different from these options I can offer bespoke packages based on your requirements.    Please contact me to discuss how I might help.


Another fab day! Combining yesterday & today I now have lots to think about & practice - Thank you!

Thanks again for the work you put into coming up with a training schedule for me over the past 20 weeks & the advice & encouragement you given along the way. Personal highlights have definitely been knocking a big chunk off my 5k time & putting in a performance I'm really pleased with at Borrowdale. It's also taught me a lot about training going forward from here.