• navigating in fog

Do you need to improve your navigation skills?

Is your race strategy to follow the person in front and hope they know where they’re going?

Would you have the skills and confidence to get yourself safely round a race if the visibility dropped?

Would you love to explore more remote areas but don’t have the skills to do so safely?

Whether you are a complete novice with no experience of using a map or compass, or you already have some navigation skills but want to refine and learn more complex techniques –
I can help develop your skills.

I can offer navigation training based on your needs!

Individual or group sessions can be arranged or book on one of the Navigation Courses detailed on the courses page.

I also offer online Navigation Skills tutorials

 And if you want a weekly navigation challenge check out my Patreon page!



Price per person

1 to 1 session - Full day £120

Group of 4+ - Full day £55 per person


Thanks, Dave. The course was brilliant. I really enjoyed it and learned loads. Just need to practice now so I don’t lose it!

Dave, thanks for an absolutely fantastic day. The whole day was so enjoyable and it was great to benefit from your wealth of experience. I certainly feel more able to tackle some trails on my own.