Do you want to improve your running? Want to be one of those runners who runs confidently downhill whilst others get overtaken? Does rough and uneven ground really slow you down? Need to understand types of hill training?

If the answer's yes then why not come along to a Running Skills Workshop?

runner tackling difficult terrain

tackling difficult terrain

Being a good runner isn't just about cardiovascular fitness, it's about technique too! These workshops will focus on developing your skill and technique over challenging terrain and give you tips and training advice that you can practise yourself. The aim is to build your confidence of running on fell terrain for you to take into your next run or race.

What it involves -

  • The session lasts around 90 minutes and you will be practising various techniques over short stretches of "fell" type terrain.
  • You will learn the most efficient techniques for tackling steep uphill, downhill and uneven terrain.
  • The session won't cover a great distance, we will run to an ideal location, practise then move on and repeat.
  • You will get chance to observe and discuss various techniques with other runners.
  • If you are happy to do so you will be photographed so that you can compare your technique against the "ideal".

You will need - 

  • Off road running shoes with a good grip!
  • Normal run clothing suited to the weather on the day plus a warmer layer for when doing observations and discussions.

downhill running

runners taking part in a downhill skills session

fell runners

learn different hill training methods

Next workshop - tbc
Location - Fox House Inn
Cost £20

Book via the Buy Now button or contact me if you would like any more information.


The technique session on rocky ground was really useful - Thank's Dave!

I never thought I'd be able to run down there!