Evening Run over White Edge

Evening light on White Edge

White Edge, high to the east of Grindleford in the Peak District is a lovely location for a run.  There are interesting things to discover off the main path and it offers great views across Big Moor towards Sheffield, Chesterfield and westwards across the National Park in the direction of Tideswell.  This westerly aspect makes it ideal for an evening run when broken high cloud offers the prospect of a fine sunset and the orange rays enhance the purple of the heather.

Starting at the junction of the A625 and B6054 I head up onto the moor and my first intention is to visit Lady’s Cross which is marked on the Ordnance Survey map off to the east.  It is easy to find as it stands less that 100m off the path.  The ancient crossroads and boundary marker, although no longer having its cross piece it is well preserved.

Lady’s Cross

My next destination is the Hurkling Stone and cairn marked about 800m to the south.  Navigation is easy by first finding the old wall and following it southwards to its corner.  Here I find a large boulder but no evidence of a cairn.

The Hurkling stone


Returning to the main path I pass the fingerpost and drop down, steeply a first to cross the road at the Grouse Inn and cross the fields into the woods.  Passing by the parking I dip down to cross the stream and startle a hind which bounds away and is gone before I can fumble for the camera.  Steeply up the other side and crossing the road again to the path leading south along Froggatt Edge I pass climbers walking back after a day on the crags.  Through the Birch woodland I am heading for Stoke Flat stone circle tucked just to the left of the path.  In late summer the bracken is high and hides the stones from view but after a little exploring I emerge into the clear space of the circle.  I wonder about the significance and history of these Bronze Age artefacts: who erected them and what was their life like?

Remains of Stoke Flat stone circle

Rather than take the main path along the crag top I opt to cross the centre of the moor, heading south eastwards below White Edge and after a couple of minutes of rough ground I pick up a good path.  I pass a small sheepfold and glance up and left looking for the trig point that is my next stop.  The light is starting to fade as I reach it with the sun now only just above the horizon.

The last of the sun on White Edge trig.

After savouring the views for a few minutes I turn northwards, passing by gritsone boulders, the few clouds tinted salmon pink by the lowering sun dropping below Sir William Hill.

The sun dropping below Sir William Hill

I take a last look at the sky before picking up the pace, heading north along the good path which undulates along the edge.

Salmon pink clouds and purple heather
I make it back to the car in the afterglow of sunset and take a final look, the lodge house silhouetted against a pastel sky.
Fantastic sky above White Edge Lodge
Another lovely run completed, I head for home.
White Edge 10km with 230m climb

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