Fell Running: It’s not just about the sun

Much as I love fell running in warm sunshine, sometimes (just sometimes) the Great British Weather has other ideas.

Higger Tor shrouded in low cloud

Driving out through the rain to my favourite running spot wasn’t particularly inspiring and although the rain had eased when I parked, the sight wasn’t encouraging – low cloud shrouded the hills obscuring the usual panoramic view from Abney out to the far heights of Bleaklow.

Emerging from cloud on Higger Tor

Undeterred I set off, I had run from here throughout the winter and this wasn’t the worst weather I’d encountered.  I was expecting a soaking so wore a waterproof top but as I descended off Higger Tor the cloud lifted to reveal the trees of the Burbage Valley with tendrils of mist clinging like smoke.

The trees of the Burbage Valley wreathed in mist

I crossed the streams at the head of the valley and took the high line above the crags, no climbers today, and sensed a brightening.  Briefly the clouds broke to reveal a small patch of blue, a promise of a change to come?

A fleeting glimpse of blue – a false promise

It proved to be only a fleeting glimpse as the skies soon darkened again, threatening more rain
and by the time I had returned to the car the English summer was once again upon us.

Dark clouds threaten Higger and Owler Tors

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