1. Fantastic pics again, Dave. Makes me quite jealous reading your blog after I've got back from my lunch-time run along the Embankment in central London. Ok, the Houses of Parliament are an iconic landmark but I'd rather be out on Higger Tor!
    How do you find the new Mudclaws compared with the X-Talons? I've run in X-Talons but only inspected the Mudclaws – have never tried a pair on. Both are in Inov-8's '2 arrow' category but the Mudclaws seem much more 'clumpy' to me – really should try them on to form an opinion, I guess.
    Rgds, John.

  2. Hi John, hope you're well.
    Hmmm central London or the Peak District, let me think for a seco.., too late already decided!
    The Mudclaws are a lot clumpier than X Talons but in very wet / muddy conditions certainly give better grip. I don't necessarily think they are better in snow but when it's mixed with slush & mud they're my choice. Plus they offer a bit more protection to the sole of your foot so I use them for winter training.

    Try some – remember you can't have too many pairs of running shoes!
    Regards, Dave

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