Trail and Fell Runs from Peak District Stations

The Peak District is a fantastic location for trail and fell running.

A wide network of paths link woodland trails, gritstone edges and more remote, wild, moorland terrain and offers something for everyone regardless of fitness level or experience.  But what if you want to run in this beautiful landscape yet don’t have access to a car?  Well the good news is that the Sheffield to Manchester rail line runs through the heart of the Peak District and trains call at several village stations along the way.  You can hop off the train and be running off road within seconds!

Here are four chosen routes on the Sheffield side of the Peak District.

Grindleford Station Run
Distance 14km, Height Gain 450m

trail run from Grindleford Station

trail run from Grindleford station

The route shown is for a clockwise run starting up Padley Gorge, along White Edge and finishing along Froggatt Edge.

Trail running on White Edge

frosty morning trail run on White Edge

Hathersage Station Run
Distance 16km, Height Gain 600m

trail run from Hathersage station

trail run from Hathersage station

The route shown is an anticlockwise loop taking in Padley Gorge, the Burbage valley, Stanage Edge and North Lees.

trail running in the Burbage Valley

trail running in the Burbage valley

Hope Station Run
Distance 13km, Height Gain 600m

trail run from Hope station

trail run from Hope station

The route shown is anticlockwise ascending Win Hill before descending to then tackle Lose Hill.

running up Win Hill

splendid views from Win Hill summit

Edale Station Run
Distance 17km, Height Gain 740m

fell run from Edale station

fell run from Edale station

The route shown is clockwise starting steeply up towards Mam Tor then a more gradual climb Brown Knoll (easier now with a flagstone path). It then follows the southern edge of Kinder to Grindslow Knoll before a steep, technical descent off Ringing Roger back to Edale.

fell running near Kinder

high and exposed, the moorland near Grindslow Knoll

Fly through the route and see more photos on FatMap:

GPX files:
Edale Station run

Grindleford Station run

Hathersage station run

Hope Station run

No car? No excuse! Just hop on the train and make the most of trail and fell running in the Peak District.

fell running guide

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  1. Hi Dave, is there a link maybe to your strava page on which these routes are on that I could grab the gpx files from?

    Thank you

  2. Hi Dave – I am planning a 15-20km trail run in Deak District in w/c 22 May. Can you share GPX files? BR Thomas

  3. Hi Dave, Im up in the peaks next week. Im new to area but would love to do a couple of these runs. Any chance you could share the gpx files for Hathersage Station route and Grindleford Station. Many thanks

  4. Dave, I’ll be in Nottingham for next two months – and would love to use the opportunity to run Peak District. Your post is extremely useful.
    Two questions:
    – any gpx available? would be much appreciated
    -do you know for any fell running group in Nottingham?

  5. Hi, love the look of these routes. I am visiting from Australia and want to check out some trails in the Peake District. We are staying in Monyash. Any suggested routes starting from here? GPX files would be appreciated! 🙂 thanks, Matt

    • Hi Matt
      A lot of the area around Monyash is farmland although there are some good trails on the disused railways. The Goyt Valley just north of Buxton isn’t too far away and is a bit more hilly and interesting. Example 10k route here –
      I suggest you explore a bit further away from Monyash too to the area mentioned in the post and to places like Edale.
      Have a good visit!

  6. Appreciate the heck out of these Dave. For some reason i get a ‘file is empty’ notification when trying to upload the hope station run to my gps app. Has anyone else had this issue? And i’d be grateful for any other GPX Files you have of runs in the Peak District,


  7. Hi Dave, it could just be me but I don’t believe the GPS links are working?

    All four runs look great. Thanks for info.


    • Hi Kevin.
      Thanks for that. I’ve just tried to open the GPX files via a couple of different route planning sites and they all work fine. Not had any other comments that they don’t work so possibly something wrong at your end?

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